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God’s names…

YHWH   YHWH is a Greek four-letter-word used by the Early Christian Church ‘for the four Hebrew symbols which represent the name of God’. In Hebrew, they are described as ‘Yod, Heh, Vav and Heh’. Although the ‘Hebrews did not … Continue reading

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Who’s who? – André Masson

André Masson   Below is a summarised biography of André Masson, French painter and graphic artist. Quotes except for indicated ones are all taken from ‘art dictionary’.   André Masson ‘was born in Balagny, a village on Ile de France’, … Continue reading

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Introduction to Alchemy

Alchemy   This topic could be conceived as somewhat fishy occult or mysticism. Generally, a term alchemy is recognised by following stereotypes below:   l        ‘Romanticised view of the venerable old alchemical philosopher huddling over his flasks of bubbling liquid … Continue reading

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Simone de Beauvoir and ‘The Beaver’

Castor, a nickname   It is sometimes mentioned on that Jean-Paul Sartre called his female comrade Simone de Beauvoir ‘Castor’. He also dedicated his first published work Nausea ‘au Castor (to the Beaver)’. Usually, it is explained thus that Castor, … Continue reading

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Confusions on the spelling

Transformation from Middle English to Modern English   There are several different ways of spelling for the name of William Shakespeare in the Elizabethan era, and by examining known examples of his own autographs, it is said that ‘in not … Continue reading

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Who founded the City of Peace – Jerusalem?

Brief history of Jerusalem in prehistoric days   It is said that ‘First evidence of human settlement’ took place in c. 4,000 BCE, at ‘above the Gihon spring, the present day City of David area’ ( The Gibon spring, the … Continue reading

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Who’s who? – Pope Pius V

Pope Pius V   He was born as Antonio Ghislieri on 17 January 1504, in Bosco Marengo, duchy of Milan.   At his age of fourteen, he joined the Dominican order, in the priory of Voghera and in this occasion, … Continue reading

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