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In a past article about the Mitanni, in this research project, it referred to another important people in the ancient Middle East history called Hurrians. Therefore, this article deals with Hurrians, who they were and where they came from.   It … Continue reading

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Basic psychological terms in Reich and Freud

Wilhelm Reich is one of controversial psychologists in the mid twentieth century. In his Preface to the Third Edition of The Mass Psychology of Fascism, he explains his unique theory on the difference between superficial human behaviours and his/her hidden … Continue reading

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The Earth created by the God in Genesis chapter 1

The Holy Bible explains how the world was created by the God, in the very beginning of the book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament. It begins as following, ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and … Continue reading

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A portrait of Paracelsus

On the cover of a Japanese translation of Paracelsica by Carl Gustav Jung, published by Misuzu Shobo in 1992, a portrait of Paracelsus could be found. According to the publisher of this version of the book, (1) this portrait was … Continue reading

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L’Isle-Adam’s dedication to Banville

Les Demoiselles De Bienfilartre is the title of a short tale written by Auguste de Villiers de L’Isle-Adam, one of famous French authors in the late nineteenth century. When the tale was published in 1883, it was included in a … Continue reading

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Maranos: ancestors of Spinoza, the philosopher

Baruch (Benedict de) Spinoza, a famous and influential philosopher, was born to a Jewish family in Amsterdam, Holland on 24 November 1632. What made his ancestors move and settle down to Holland was not their free will but was a … Continue reading

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The Hyksos

The Hyksos are known as those who invaded and ruled Egypt during her Second Intermediate period, from 1786 to 1575 BCE. It is said that most things attributed to the Hyksos are only known from written sources, largely of the … Continue reading

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Travelling from Switzerland to Petersburg in the nineteenth century

In the very beginning of his famous fiction The Idiot, Fyodor Dostoevsky describes how one of his characters spent in a third-class carriage of the Warsaw train, travelling from Switzerland to Petersburg, and how Russian November nights differ from European … Continue reading

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The Mitanni

The Mitanni was an ancient kingdom or empire of an Indo-European people in northern Mesopotamia. Although the known facts relating to this country is limited, the history about this nation would be roughly described as following:   The rise of … Continue reading

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‘Time’ in the Taoism

What is time? It would be an idea that must have been invented for a convenience for humans to measure the lapse of days and to identify the seasons. In other words, if it is only an idea or a notion, … Continue reading

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