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Old English

Academically, there is a distinction between Modern English and its ancestral forms, Old English and Middle English. Although these three could be roughly defined as types of the same language, English, being different according to the time each one belongs, … Continue reading

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Joshua and the conquest of Cannan

According to the Old Testament, Joshua utterly destroyed Canaanites’ cities, as the commander of Israelites, in order to take ‘the whole land, according to all that the LORD said unto Moses’ (Joshua 11:23) and divided the whole land to the … Continue reading

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Virgil and Reincarnation

Virgil, one of the most prominent Roman poets, wrote in his famous work The Aeneid, Book VI, chapter 27:   ‘o pater, anne aliquas ad caelum hinc ire putandum estsublimis animas iterumque ad tarda reuerticorpora? quae lucis miseris tam dira … Continue reading

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The Institute in charge of Anne Frank’s manuscripts

It is said that when Otto Frank, father of Anne, the author of her famous diary, died in 1980, ‘he willed his daughter’s manuscripts to the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation in Amsterdam’ (Massotty (tran), 2007, p. vi). Then, … Continue reading

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William Caxton, the pioneer of English printing history

Following is a summary of the life and deeds of William Caxton, a pioneer of the history of printing trade in England in the fifteenth century.   Caxton ‘was born in Kent between 1415 and 1424. He was apprenticed to … Continue reading

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