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Ugarit, an ancient kingdom

Ugarit is now known for the ruins of ancient capital city of the Kingdom that is located in modern days’ northern Syria. Henceforth the accidental discovery of these ruins in 1928, it is said that Ugarit has been yielding valuable … Continue reading

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Who’s who? – Pavel V. Annenkov

Pavel Vasil’evich Annenkov is officially known as a Russian literary critic, who lived in   the nineteenth century. Moreover, he is known for having had personal relationships with some important historical figures, not only within the literature circle including Ivan Sergeyevich … Continue reading

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Preface by Basil Hallward

A copy of Japanese translation of The Picture of Dorian Gray, a novel by Oscar Wilde, features a following preface. Unfortunately, the translator does not refer to any exact information on what edition he worked on. However, the authorship of … Continue reading

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